Sacred Semen: Saint Priapus Church

Published September 6, 2012 by witchylisa

Although cock worship is ancient, it hasn’t died out. It has started to be practiced again in the West in a few temples in North America. It’s main god is none other than Priapus the Cock God.

Although I’m no penis worshipper, I have to admit that it’s amazingly difficult to ignore them. Priapians don’t go about dancing naked on the streets. They just like to organize naked orgies at their temples. Penis for a Priapian is not just a piece of skin, but it is the source of life and beauty. Devotees use their sexual urges to find deeper understanding and enlightenment by mediation on the powers of their penis. For him, the cock is a source of love, peace, and Creation.

I can’t really talk much about Priapians since they’re basically just that: cock worshippers who want to worship penises and engage in mandatary orgies for membership into the handful of temples in Norht America. Membership does require a fee but it’s not high and all members love to welcome new members with as much loving as they can. But, barebacking is a big no-no for them (thank God). And, they don’t discrimate between members based on race, sex, or orientation. Believe it or not, this almost exclusively gay men’s sex religion welcomes straight men and women who love cock enough… I wonder how the straight reach when the high priest initiates the passing of the semen cup

Care to read some prayers? They might come in handy the next time you engage in a rather long love session.

I believe in you, Divine COCK, symbol of glory. My life has meaning since you taught me to worship you. You are the center of my body, of my life, my sexuality, my spirituality. It is for you and about you that the world is united.

I believe in You, beautiful Phallus, in your strength and your power, in your ability to bring ecstasy, when being sucked, licked, suckled or masturbated, all together. You offer me the stiffness, beauty, the energy and your immaculate cum.

I believe in you, glorious cock. I can only pray to you, worship you, adore you as God. Bound together, you and the body which supports you make two. And you are more strange to the body which is Priapus in the heavens.

I believe in the equality of all Cocks. black or white, young or old, large or small without discrimination. My mouth welcomes them and digests their cum, without exception.

I believe in sexual energy, fundamental and omnipresent. It is created by masturbating which captures, channels and concentrates it. It is abundant in the Sacrament; present in urine, and lives in our cocks. But I can suck it in all its phallic forms.

I believe that Masturbation is the Creator. Far from sin, it is a act of grace, a liberator. It is a sexual act rich full and complete like sucking. I promote and practice it either alone or in communion, with devotion.

I believe in the importance of consecrating myself to Priapus. It is the best way to transcend my sexual drive. I believe and adhere to this Temple and more for I participate in prayers, in services and rituals of my religion.

I believe that masturbating with fervor and piety. It is my way of praying and god loves to be glorified. In order to ponder and pray better, I masturbate and cum. I often carry a phallic and spiritual symbol.

I believe in you, god of COCK and Truth, Divine Priapus. I introduce myself, my dick is offered; it is this that is most precious. Guide our habits, occupy our cocks so that I can sap the sexual energy in order to serve as a good slave all the cocks of god.

I believe in the sexual powers of our Temple, in these rituals, this service, these ceremonies, these words and gestures. They are not the signs of mistakes towards other religions. They are the universal symbols of respect, of devotion and of worship.

I believe in you, Oh Magnificent Phallus. Oh beautiful Phallus, Oh beautiful Image, Oh wondrous Cock, Divine Bat, Oh beautiful stem, powerful Shaft.

I bet you wanna add Saint Priapus Church to your schedule the next time you travel. If I were you I wouldn’t google Priapus or his temple unless you’re okay with looking at gay porn.

11 comments on “Sacred Semen: Saint Priapus Church

    • So hetero couples are “spiritually balanced” and homo couples cannot be? Interesting extension of prejudice to the realm of spirituality. So, probably gays don’t deserve equal treatment with their superiors (the Heteros)? They shouldn’t be allowed to be married because they could never reach the heights of love that a hetero couple can?

  • To whom It May Concern

    The information I’ve read about your temple peeks my interest. I. Love to worship Cock, but I also love to worship Christ, as a Roman Catholic. How can I best merge the two? Thank you.
    A potential member,
    Miguel (Mike)

    • Umm. Well, for one thing Catholicism is an Abrahamic ritualistic religion. And SPC is somewhat neopagan. You can just explore Catholic neopaganism or Catholic witchcraft, and make your main deity Christ/phallus. Granted it would be rather blasphemous for most people since Christ was a sexless hermit. But I’m sure you can find a small religious movement that centers on paganizing and sexualizing Catholicism.

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